12 things to consider before booking a cruise trip

Traveling on a cruise for the first time is always an experience of a lifetime. The undulating waves, the distant horizon, and the infinite onboard attractions make cruises a worthwhile journey.

However, there are quite a few things that you would need to know before you embark on a cruise. In this article, we tell you the most pertinent things that need to be remembered.

So let’s gear up and get to know 12 things to consider before booking a cruise trip.

The price

Myriad cruises are happening in the world right now. Each has its characteristics. The cruise price depends on the kind of ship one is availing and on tour itinerary as a whole. However, the cruises cost a lot of money. Most cruises focus more on the onboard activities rather than on the onshore ones. Though that wouldn’t mean that onshore activities are ignored, but compared to the plethora of entertainment that a cruise ship contains, the onshore tours lose their sparkle.  

Cruise facilities are built and maintained at great cost, and the only way the cruise companies can earn enough to carry on their business is through ticket sales. So if you are planning a cruise trip, look for all the options and choose the type of cruise you would want to be a part of. That decides the budget.

Also, most cruise companies have periodic deals. So sign up to their newsletters or programs and check for those sales calls.

What do I wear?

Whitsundays Tour says this is an extremely important question when it comes to cruising. If you’re on a cruise, you are more likely than going to need warm weather clothes and swimwear. However, you should check out the whole itinerary and see if any formal nights may require you to pack something more appropriate.. Check out the whole itinerary and see how many formal nights are there. First, choose Tux you always wanted to wear. However, carry your casuals on all the other days. Remember you are on holiday and not on a business trip.

What happens in the event of a personal medical emergency?

The cruising companies have taken such eventualities into considerations. They will be able to drop you at the nearest port of call and in a worst-case scenario, have you helicopter-picked from the ship itself. However, you need to be carrying your passport and other valid identification documents with you at all times. This is necessary for the smooth processing of any paperwork that may arise out of such unforeseen circumstances.

Is motion sickness a reality?

Yes, it is. It is going to be quite surprising to know that a large percentage of people have some degree of motion sickness which may aggravate in cruise travel. There are umpteen ways to overcome them, though. One of them will be to stick Sea-Bands which are elastics stuck to your wrists. These elastic bands put pressure on the nerve endings and help keep seasickness at bay. There are many medications too, which help to counter the effects of the sea. However, always go for the non-drowsy ones. You wouldn’t want to sleep through vacation, would you?

Can I take my kids along?

And why on Earth would you not? Every large cruise liner has arenas specially designed for kids. There are plenty of games and activities that take place throughout the day. Experience in a cruise liner would be an unforgettable one for them.


A cruise ship is a huge moving city with plenty of people teeming around. So if you think of spending some time in solitude, the cruise ship may not be able to provide with much. A large group of people, usually numbering in the thousands sign up for cruises around the year. Huge ships such as the Royal Caribbean and the Oasis on the Seas carry on an average of 5000 passengers on each trip. Add a few hundred crew members to that, and you have a small township sailing together. Get used to the idea of seeing a lot of people around during your cruise trip.


Cruise liners have different kinds of rooms, starting from suites to the standard rooms. Each of the categories is priced differently, so if you are looking for a cruise, make sure to research about the rooms they offer. Also, just because it is a ship does not mean that every room will have a view of the water around. Many times, travelers have been left disappointed discovering that their rooms do not have a window or are on the inner ones which have a view of the lobby and not the ocean.


The cruise ship, as mentioned earlier, is a ship with fabulous possibilities. There are numerous onboard entertainment facilities which will, even for a moment, not let you get bored with the travel. Walk around the ship, discover all the spaces that are there, take part in all the programs that are on offer. There would be numerous restaurants, shopping points, swimming pools, and gyms to take your mind off from the monotonous life you might have been leading. Or you can simply lie down on the recliner and sunbathe throughout the journey. Cruises are designed in such a manner that the guest is provided and entertained in the most possible manner. Do not forget to try out the variety of cuisine on display. Internationally acclaimed chefs helm some of these restaurants. 


While you might wish to bring back memories of the ship once the fun is over, remember that these souvenirs are mere gimmicks banking on your sentimentalities, and they cost a lot of money. So if you want to have yourself clicked, carry a camera. 


This is essentially the most important part of any travel. Cruise ships are no different and would require meticulous planning before you embark on a memorable journey. You would have to plan the route you wish to take. Whether the Caribbean suits you or Alaska, the Canadian outback or the Scandinavian fjords are some of the details that need to be done. Also, add the budget to it and the number of people traveling. Family members will have individual needs, and that needs to be taken care of too. Once you have been able to tick off all the boxes, go ahead and buy that coveted ticket.

Get off the internet

You are on a vacation of a lifetime and wouldn’t want to waste a single second. Get off the internet and make the most of the travel. Also, the internet onboard is costly since it will be bouncing off the ship’s transmission system. There are plenty of deals to be a part of rather than staring at your phone.

The stairs matter

Every cruise ship has multiple floors and elevators that zip up and down across the levels. However, there are magnificent stairways too. Use them. The elevators usually have a line snaking to get in. You may end up losing hours accumulatively if you intend to wait for one.

A cruise ship is a moving city with all the bells and whistles to provide you with the best in class entertainment. However, to get the most out of the tour, detailed research beforehand is necessary. Depending on the cruise itinerary, you might need a few visas to embark on the ship, as the routes usually include different countries, and at some points, you can need to disembark from the ship. These routes and the visa policies can be complex and tricky, so you might need professional support from the company which has related experience. After some research, I found the website of Pickvisa – the company which provides visa support to any country. They dealt with the visas for their quite popular customers going on the cruises during the worldwide tours, so their experience might come handy while planning your cruise trip; you can contact them for more information.

I hope all these tips will help you to enjoy your cruise trip!

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