Day: April 20, 2020


Possible Changes in Technologies in Coming 10 Years

People, situation and technology- these three things could be changed anytime and you need to assure that you are all set to adapt the change. Yes, this is true or maybe a bitter reality. Whatever you say, but we cannot deny this thing.  The possibility is, the technology we use might get replace or modified.  […]

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Online Gambling

What’s Next for Online Gambling in 2020

Artificial Intelligence In recent years, artificial intelligence or AI has been at the forefront of many top tech companies. Search giant Google and its mother company Alphabet introduced AI to its Android operating system and has been fine-tuning it every generation. While still in its infancy in the online gambling world, Online Casinos will further […]

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8 Reasons Why You Should Cover Your International Trip With A Travel Insurance Plan

It can be widely seen that travel insurance is largely ignored by travellers worldwide. Whether you are traveling in your own country or in a foreign land, travel insurance is a must-have for everyone. There are several domestic insurance plans available for your travel plan within the country. It is still acceptable that one is […]

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