Month: January 2021

Medical precautions

Medical precautions to take if old parents live alone

Age is the foremost factor for a wide range of diseases. As your parents grow old you will find a drastic change in your physical and mental vitality. This is when they need to maintain a good standard of living and you must keep track of their emotional well-being.  If your parents can take care […]

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Thrift Store Franchise Opportunity: How You Can Get Yours

A thrift store also called a consignment shop, is a shop where secondhand materials, especially clothes and accessories are sold at a cheap price. This also includes other materials such as shoes, books, toys, electronics, games and the list goes on. Starting a thrift store can be a tricky affair but with the right support […]

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Colleges to study in Pune

Top Colleges to study in Pune

Disclaimer: These colleges have been chosen based on their position in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2020 by the Union Ministry of Education. All of them figure in the top 100 overall rankings in NIRF 2020. Choosing a college simply based on the course you want to study is a bad idea.  A college […]

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