5 Baby Shower Party Ideas

Baby Shower Party

The arrival of a new born baby is the best excuse to have a party. The joy of becoming parents is beyond the world, and it is also one of the happiest news for the ones surrounding the parents and the unborn baby. Therefore, that’s why baby-shower parties are thrown.

Baby showers can also help relieve the stress and anxiety of the mother related to pregnancy. Baby showers also help the parents-to-be feel less overwhelmed. If you are thinking about how a party can do that all? Then, it’s through gifts and gab. 

Gifts received during the baby shower parties include choices like onesies, soft toys, baby care products, parenting books, baby carriers that can help reduce the feeling “Have I got enough?” which most of the new-parents feel. Then, there is gab(chit-chatter). Friendly chats and laughter about the new adventures of parenthood can significantly make them feel less anxious. Not to forget the cute and fluffy baby shower cake. A cake can instantly increase the flow of happy hormones in the body. You can easily order baby shower cake online and avail online cake delivery in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, NCR, or any city where the party is hosted. 

Now, throwing a baby shower party can be a daunting task, as coming up with a party idea that is fun and exciting is difficult. To help you out, we have listed a few party ideas: 

  1. Throw a Coed Baby Shower Party: Traditionally, baby showers are thrown for moms-to-be. But, a little twist won’t do any harm. Throw a Coed party. Invite the dad-to-be and his friends to the party as well. If you choose to go this way, consider the following points: 
  • Go for neutral decorations
  • Drinks (liquor and beer)
  • Food for everyone’s taste
  • Games (Partner games) 
  1. Couple Buffet: If you are the host of the baby shower party and you do not like to go overboard with the party, then consider this idea. It’s simple, intimate, and fun. You can have this party at your home. Decorate a large room or backyard, and organize a buffet. Invite close friends and family to enjoy the buffet and bless the parents. 
  1. A Baby Shower Just For Mom: Baby shower just for mom is quite popular. Keep the focal point of the baby shower on TLC (tender, love, care) because mom-to-be deserves it. Ask the invitees to bring gifts for the mothers-to-be. 
  • Keep a dress code, maternity pyjamas. 
  • Keep food items as per the taste and preferences of the mother-to-be
  • Play Games that are not to exhaustive 
  • Pamper her
  1. Crafty Baby Shower: A twist on the typical baby shower party. Go for a craft theme baby shower. The idea is new, interesting, and will give invitees a chance to spend time with mom in a fun way. Keep all the basic crafts material handy like paints, stickers, chart papers, colours, and other materials. Now, each invitee has to craft a gift for the baby or mother, like painting the onesie of the baby, making headbands, decorating letters to hang, etc. The mom-to-be can select the top three craft gifts and give prizes. 
  1. Girl’s Night Out: Take mommy out for an exhilarating night. Get all dolled up and head out in the night for some fun. It could be a fancy restaurant or a night stay at a hotel. Just make sure the mommy enjoys it, and does not exhaust much. 

Celebrate the mommy-to-be or the new parents uniquely and beautifully with these baby shower party ideas. 

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