8 Reasons Why You Should Cover Your International Trip With A Travel Insurance Plan

It can be widely seen that travel insurance is largely ignored by travellers worldwide. Whether you are traveling in your own country or in a foreign land, travel insurance is a must-have for everyone. There are several domestic insurance plans available for your travel plan within the country. It is still acceptable that one is ignoring the importance of buying a domestic travel insurance plan. But, while traveling abroad, one should never neglect the importance of a travel insurance policy. 

In a foreign land, travel insurance can come handy in most of the unforeseen critical circumstances. For a safe and prolific journey abroad, having a travel insurance plan is mandatory. Here we have jotted down the most beneficial reasons for international travel insurance plans for your convenience. Have a look!

1.The most trusted friend in a foreign land

Travelling is foreign land that requires all kinds of planning, prepping and obviously assistance. A travel insurance plan works as an assistant while you travel abroad. The plan can be your 24×7 friend for your all emergency situation. The most beneficial part of having a travel insurance policy in a foreign land is that it helps you regardless of the geographical, cultural or any other differentiation you come across while you are there. The support is available globally at any time. So you can have a hassle-free travel experience.

2.Securing personal liability 

While you are traveling internationally, unforeseen emergency situations can show up when a third party individual or property is being damaged by you. In such a situation, generally, a huge financial liability is embarked upon the insured. There are a number of insurance policies that ensure no extra burden regarding third-party damage. The personal liability clause is a very important inclusion is Travel Insurance Policies. Here, according to the terms and conditions of the insurance provider, the insurance may cover the legal or financial expenses totally or partially for the third party damages. 

3.Mandatory requirement

There are some foreign countries that clearly mention that having a travel insurance plan is a must for all the foreigners traveling to their land. In such cases, if you don’t have a travel insurance plan, the visa application won’t get approved. There is a high chance of getting your Visa rejected just because of the absence of a proper travel insurance policy. Even, there are some countries that will allow e your Visa, but you may have to combat consequences in the immigration center just because of a travel insurance policy. So, research thoroughly before you say a firm no to the travel insurance. 

4.Medical ground

You can never say when a medical emergency might hit you hard. Just imagine it hits you in a foreign land while you were on a vacation. We all know that foreign trips can be really expensive and if sudden medical expenses are added to it, then it can turn into a nightmare. Compared to India, most of the foreign lands have a costly medical treatment which can drag you to the financial crises during a tour. In such cases, a travel insurance plan can come to your rescue as it covers for an emergency medical situation. Even if you get stuck at a country for a medical emergency and it requires an immediate evacuation from that place, your travel insurance will also work in its favor. 

5.Travel related emergencies

In many cases, the luggage might get lost at the airport by the airlines or you may just lose your passport. These unforeseen travel emergencies can turn out to be a headache if you don’t have a travel insurance plan.  In certain cases, your travel insurance will talk on behalf of you. Your travel insurance plan will bear the cost of your lost belongings. You just need to submit the receipt and proof of your belongings lost at the airport baggage claim. At the same time, if you have lost your passport or travel documents, the insurer will assist you in getting a duplicate passport or other related documents from the responsible authority. 

6.Fraudulent charge coverage

Imagine you forget your credit card at a café in a foreign land and a few days later you get a credit card bill against some services that you never bought. Or imagine your debit card was stolen and you get a notification saying money has been withdrawn from your account. Doesn’t this sound scary? With the travel insurance plan, you don’t need to worry. Just file a complaint, and submit a copy to the insurer. You will get every penny back. Travel insurance can really save your wallet in a foreign land.

7.Cancellation of trip

Sometimes you may need to cancel the trip because of a delayed or canceled flight and you are aware that how much a flight to any international destination costs. So, if there’s any fault from the airline and you need to cancel your trip, your flight expense will be all covered by the travel insurance. Still worried about the hotel and additional expenses that you have already paid? Well, the travel insurance plans cover these expenses entirely or partially. 

8.Accidental death compensation

It may sound overwhelming, but we know why we buy insurance policies. If any unforeseen circumstances lead to such unfortunate outcomes, the insurance company will provide a compensation amount to the insured’s family. Besides, if there’s any partial or total disability caused by an accident during your travel in a foreign country, the insurer will also take care of such expenses. 

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