In the past years, the fresh trend was the ecological one. Now seems that popular items such as pens, mugs, bags, with antibacterial treatments on them are becoming on top of mind among promotional.

About a year ago the world was shocked about the terrible news coming from China. A terrific virus was killing entire cities. In the other part of the world, every government alerted people to pay attention, to avoid crowded places, to use masks.

At the same time using and touching objects became quite scaring, so also the promotional market concentrated its strength to think about something new that could help protecting ourselves. The uses of antimicrobial processes on plastic, paper, fibers allowed the promotional items or corporate gifts, made with these elements, to be protected from microbes harmful for our health.

How does it work? During the production phases, an additive is added to materials: it protects items from the bad effects of bacteria and other forms of harmful agents. In this way, you have not clean objects with disinfectant sprays or liquids, since the protective film that has formed on them, maintains articles sanitized. 

It is really important that you ask for certified products, and now you can find them easily. To obtain a proper certification, those objects are contaminated with substances full of microbial bacteria. After a short time, the laboratory quantifies the bacteria mortality thanks to the contact with the material. 

We have to specify that this treatment does not prevent Coronavirus but it is surely additional prevention from all kinds of harmful bacteria and help us to guarantee a healthy life.

A simple agenda, with antibacterial in it, can be seen as the most original and useful promotional item! And which are the best categories you can consider for these kinds of products?
Take a look at antibacterial corporate gifts here below: 

A new freshn trend for An addition to the kitchen

for example, a lunch box or a cup. In fact, these objects will be in contact with your food and/or drinks and of course directly with you, causing transmission of germs. With an antibacterial product for the kitchen, you can avoid all of this.

An accessory for school or work

for example, a notebook or a pen. How many times you can touch your desk tools? So often! And maybe you borrow your pen at your colleague…we know, everyone does it. Buying antibacterial items avoid you to take bacteria with you and transmitting them to others.

A technological gadget

as Bluetooth earphones or a mobile cover. You always have in your hands some mobile accessories, both if you work or if you are younger or older, don’t you? Everyone has a phone nowadays. And how many times you touch them during your day? You cannot count them. So, prevent it selecting products with certificated antibacterial! 

A textile item

from backpacks to gloves. Also, a fabric can be treated with antibacterial substances. If you think at a rucksack that you lead everywhere or your gloves with which you touch everything you can understand why the research opted to try the antibacterial also on these kinds of objects. Try them to feel more protected! 

A polyester product

such as a buff. Covering our nose and mouth when we get close to people is alas a habit that we have taken in spite of ourselves. It is used to protect us and those around us. In recent months we have seen the most creative souls put to the test with masks. Maybe even homemade with old fabrics and some elastic, since personal protection devices have been found with difficulty (surely in Italy).

Thinking about the winter months, joining the mask with the scarf is becoming really annoying. That item, which until now was mainly designed for sports activities, today becomes a multipurpose object really useful. It is also for the prevention from covid.
The neck warmer or buff can be found in various materials, from the lightest to the heaviest, or breathable. 

It can be completely customized with your creative print or your logo.
It is an object never banal: it can be worn in summer as a cuff or as a headband, in winter in place of the scarf, or during outdoor sports activities. In both cases, if necessary, it can be used to cover the nose and mouth in place of the mask.

And you know, also this product can be produced with the antibacterial method! It would be always useful to have it in your bag.

A hygiene key.

Do you know the keys useful to open the doors or push buttons without touching directly with fingers? Very used in this period…and yes, you can have it with anti-bacterial certification! 

The most popular corporate gifts are those that are useful and easy to use. 
Companies, large and small alike, choose to accompany their employees, suppliers, and customers through everyday objects, to be chosen and remembered.

For every occasion, there is a suitable giveaway, useful and above all consistent with one’s external communication and the surrounding environment.

Hygiene products, personal protective equipment (such as personal face masks), and safety and hygienic items are the most purchased and sold products in the last 6 months. 
But the trend will not be declining and the purchase of hygienic equipment will remain at the top for more months. And this is why personalizing these products and paying homage to them becomes a very important stage of communication.

Contact Gadget Lab division to discover more. They are specialized in the research, production, and import of promotional products and a corporate gift from China, India, Bangladesh, depends on the specification of each Country (for example, Bangladesh is very good for cotton production, India for colored powders, and so on…).

So what do you think about HiGift antibacterial items? Would you use them as giveaways? And what about the idea of creating them totally original? You’ll be protected and you’ll protect your beloved ones, your best choice is to try them on!  

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