Affordable Jewellery Styles

Affordable Jewellery Styles

Women and adornments have always been complementing for ages, to explain the relationship is not only difficult but will be at a loss of words. Having said that there are several Jewellery styles that one can embrace. From simple beads to 22Kt gold designs, from gemstone Jewellery to diamonds- adornment can take different forms, styles, designs on different occasions.

With millennial women’s love for lightweight, effortless, freestyle Jewellery, it gets important for Jewellers to constantly bring variety to their platter. One such variety is inventing affordable precious Jewellery styles. They can be in different purities and in different gold tones too- such as the white and rose gold that has mushroomed in the Indian market lately. Fashion by and large can always be flexible, it is our mind that is not. This is what one needs to always be careful of. 

Here are a few handpicked Jewellery styles that are effortless, stylish, and affordable too.

Buying 14KT and 18KT Jewellery

Regular 22 carat gold rate today in comparison with 14Kt and 18Kt Jewellery is much higher. 18KT and 14KT gold is often looked down upon for their purity quotient. However, these Jewellery pieces are much affordable than the regular 22KT, they come in a wide range of models and are internationally accepted purity measures. In fact, a majority of diamond Jewellery is made in 18KT gold as they have a higher capacity to hold the diamond intact, giving it much needed strength, and securing them tightly. Hence, buying 14KT and 18KT gold Jewellery is a great way to save and enjoy styling simultaneously.

Buying different styles of daily wear earrings

Another intelligent way of styling is by securing different types of earrings as they are stapled Jewellery for every woman irrespective of age and occasion. From simple gold necklace designs with a price to plain gold hangings, from stylish dangles to hoops, from studs to chandeliers- there are numerous styles to seize. All these styles are quite affordable and easy to change too. Styling them is not only simple but effortless. So, along with purity, you can also stop being repetitive when it comes to earrings.

Buying lower weight plain gold Jewellery

To make the most of your money always incline towards buying plain gold Jewellery- this way a lot can be saved on stone cost, making charges, etc. Plain gold Jewellery when compared to gemstone Jewellery may not seem attractive. However, you can research a little and get custom designs that are not only plain, attractive but costs you less too.

Other affordable Jewellery styling options can be buying a wide range of rings, layering 14KT gold chains to suit every outfit, stacking of bangles, and a host of other mix and matches which will leave you with umpteen options for freestyle dressing.

Another suggestion we highly recommend for gold enthusiasts is buying them at the right time. Buying when the gold price is lower and exchanging them for your favorite Jewellery is a great bargain, plus you will also benefit from the price gaps too. Buying standard 24KT gold coins from a trusted retailer, in this case, is advisable. This way you can also buy finished Jewellery and exchange the coin to adjust the price.  

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