All About Coffee and Your Health

Coffee and Your Health

How much do you know about everyone’s favorite caffeinated drink? 

Over 80% of American adults drink coffee, meaning that this drink is the fuel behind many a workplace commute. Whether it’s hot or iced, cold-brewed or french pressed, there are coffee snobs and casual drinkers all over.

But what about the health benefits of coffee? Do you know how you’re impacting your body with your daily cup (or two, or three)? 

We want to teach you all about coffee and your health. Keep reading to learn about how this caffeinated favorite interacts with your body.

It Can Help You Burn Fat

Are you looking to cut a few extra pounds? Did you know that coffee might help? 

Caffeine is a popular metabolism booster. This is why you find it in many over the counter weight loss pills. You don’t need those expensive pills to get the benefits of caffeine, though. 

Caffeine can boost the metabolic rate by anywhere between 3% and 11%, though some results have been much higher in those who don’t drink coffee often. 

This isn’t to say that your sugary mixed coffee drinks will yield the same results. If you want to burn fat, skip the frappuccinos and opt for a normal cup or an espresso. Pick from a variety of great beans. Whether you’re into local brews or exotic Jamaican brews, there are plenty of facts to know about all of your favorites.

It Might Help Your Liver

Did you know that coffee might help to prevent cirrhosis? 

The liver is necessary for many of the body’s functions. It’s vulnerable to all kinds of diseases that can lead to cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a form of late-stage scarring from these diseases and it’s often a precursor to liver failure.

Those who drink several cups of coffee per day may be less vulnerable to this condition. 

It’s a Popular Source of Antioxidants

Do you get enough antioxidants every day? 

Antioxidants are powerful. They prevent premature aging, they neutralize free radicals, and they’re great for preventing oxidative stress, which may be one of the components that lead to cancer. 

The standard American diet doesn’t include enough antioxidants, meaning that coffee may be the largest source that most people get.

It Boosts Physical Performance

Caffeine is a great way to boost your performance at the gym. It contains chemicals that help to activate your fight-or-flight reflex, getting you ready to exert your energy. 

It also increases that energy, meaning you’ll have more “go power” once you start your workout. 

Many fitness supplements have a caffeine source. It makes sense that coffee would provide similar benefits without the upcharge from fitness stores. 

Do You Know All About Coffee and Your Health? 

Coffee is more than just everyone’s favorite beverage. Knowing all about coffee is the first step to deciding if your daily drink is helping you. We think it is!

Whether you’re looking to get fit or protect your body from disease, coffee is a powerhouse. 

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