An Essential Blogging Guide to Making Your Posts Stand Out

Blogging Guide

4.4 million blog posts are published per day, according to data by Statista. That is an overwhelming amount of content. Of course, hobby bloggers and people writing personal posts for family and friends make up a portion of those numbers.

But there are many blogs that rank highly in Google and receive thousands of visitors every month. What are they doing to get their blogs at the top of Google search rankings? What are those blogs doing to make their posts stand out?

There are so many blogging tips out there, it’s tough to know for certain what you should be doing to take your blog posts to the next level.

In this blogging guide, we cover the core things you can do to rank higher in Google search and to keep readers coming back time and again to read your blog posts.

1. Stick to a Niche and Become an Expert

Can you really nail down what your blog is about in one sentence? Or do you feature book reviews, tips on shopping for a wedding dress, and what weed killer to use on Japanese knotweed?

Google likes ranking experts higher on search results pages because they know that the user is more likely to find an answer to their problem from someone who is well-versed in one subject. So if you write about everything and anything, it’s likely that Google (and your readers!) doesn’t see you as an expert in any particular subject.

But if your blog is about wedding ideas and you have 100+ posts on the best cakes, table decorations, and wedding hairstyles, both your readers and Google will trust your opinion. 

2. Learn Everything You Can About SEO

SEO is often seen as the unexciting part of blogging. But it’s absolutely vital that you harness its power to make your blog posts stand out from a sea of unoptimized, unhelpful content! That’s why it’s included in this blogging guide.

If you’ve gone to the effort of writing a blog post that contains quality information, you want to make sure the right people actually read it. And that means making sure they can find it.

Use a keyword research tool to determine how internet users are searching for the content you want to create. Depending on what CMS/platform you are using to blog, you can use an SEO Plugin to make sure you are covering everything that you need to optimize your blog posts for search engines and boost traffic to your blog.

3. Mix Up Your Writing With Other Media

Your blog posts aren’t college essays. No one enjoys reading huge walls of texts, it’s like climbing a mountain with no rest stops.

Break up your blog posts with other media to keep them fun and interesting for your readers.


You don’t need to be the world’s best photographer and you probably already have a great camera on your smartphone. Breaking up your text with relevant images or infographics can help your readers understand some information much more efficiently than writing.

Also, you don’t need to take the photos yourself. There are plenty of free stock image sites for you to utilize too.


We’re becoming more used to seeing video marketing on social media platforms, so use them on your blog. If your blog has a ‘how-to’ post then you could film a demonstration, or if it’s a travel post you could include a vlog.

Video can be daunting to bloggers than aren’t knowledgable about the technical side, so here are some tools to help you:

  • How to convert video formats –
  • How to embed videos on WordPress –
  • How to upload videos to YouTube –

4. Create Relevant and Catchy Headlines

The first thing your readers will see of your blog post is the headline. No one likes clickbait or inappropriate headlines, but it helps if they’re catchy and relevant to the content.

Good headlines can address a problem that the reader wants to solve, for example:

  • How to Knit the Best Christmas Sweater
  • Easy Guide to Fixing a Leaking Tap

Or they can create excitement and inspiration, for example:

  • Hidden Gems in Ohio: 10 Beautiful Places You Never Knew Existed
  • Here’s How to Stay in A Medieval Castle On A Budget

Also, don’t forget to include sub-headings in your blog posts to break up the information.

5. Write Long and Informative Content 

If you want to know how to create a great blog post, the key is user intent. Often, readers want to be inspired or need help with something. Working through user intent is also a great way to come up with new blog post ideas.

Let’s say you have a blog post which is an itinerary for three days in New York City. You don’t want those people reading that post to go to any other blog for more information. So, include flight and travel information, what to pack, the best time of year to go, etc. 

Some of these topics will make great blog posts by themselves, and some will make sense to include in the original post. Think about what your readers want and be as helpful as possible.

6. Keep Updating Your Old Posts

And the final point in this blogging guide is to simply keep updating your old posts!

Some blog posts can be news-related and won’t receive new traffic no matter what you do. But there will always be people who want to learn how to bake the best brownies or plan a skiing trip.

So, make sure all of your links to other websites/blog posts aren’t broken and the information is still relevant and up-to-date. You don’t want a whole section dedicated to an amazing ski resort that has now closed down!

Most blog posts are written and forgotten, so this is a sure-fire way to make sure your blog posts stand out.

Use This Blogging Guide to Boost Your Blog

If you keep producing content and follow all the tips in this blogging guide you’ll create some amazing blog posts that will stand out from the rest! It might take some time but the effort will pay off in the end.

And if you need further tips and guides for the more technical side of blogging, check out our other articles on technology and software. 

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