Benefits of a South Facing House that you Must Know

South Facing House

While buying a flat or a house, we take into consideration a lot of different things. From property location to taxes, valuation, locality – everything plays a crucial part. In addition to that, there is a factor that home buyers always look for in their property – it should be South Facing.

Having said that, let us have a look at the benefits of a south facing house and why most home buyers are crazy about having one.

You can get Plenty of Sunshine

One of the best benefits of a south facing house is that you can a lot of sunshine. We all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. As a result that, the southern side of your house or flat experiences the maximum amount of sunlight, even more, if you live in the Northern hemisphere.

Almost all of the Mohan Garden flats are lavish and south facing. Thus if you are looking to buy a brand new flat, make sure you check those out.

Create a Beautiful Home Garden

Who doesn’t love gardens right? But the problem arises due to the lack of sunlight. Even if you have one of those spacious 3 BHK Uttam Nagar flats, you can’t still grow a garden if there isn’t ample sunlight. 

But if you have a south-facing flat, this won’t even be a problem for you. Given the abundance of sunlight through your windows or balcony, you can easily grow your favorite plants and create a miniature vegetable garden.

Beneficial as per Vastu

Astrology and Vastu also lay stress on the benefits of a south-facing house. As per Vastu’s tips, a south-facing house or a flat can bring immense wealth, good health, and a successful career to the residents.

There are several Vastu placement rules that one should follow for the maximum benefits of a south-facing house. However, be aware that this doesn’t apply to every individual. A south-facing house is beneficial to individuals that belong to some special professions such as Police, Lawyers, Businessmen, Doctors and Medical Professionals, and Artists. 

Also, it is suitable only for specific kinds of zodiac signs namely Tauras, Capricon, and Virgo.

How to Identify South Facing Flat?

As you can see, the benefits of a south-facing house or a flat are numerous. However, the tricky part is to identify a south-facing flat. Although it looks quite easy, identifying the direction can be confusing. Here are three helpful tips for you.

Talk to the Property Agent

You can always consult a property agent about the availability or the direction of a flat. If you are looking to buy any of the Mohan Garden flats or Uttam Nagar flats, you can consult Kamal Associates – a reputed name in the real estate sector.

Use a Compass Application on your Mobile

Almost everyone uses a smartphone every day. Be it an android or an i-phone, you can always download and install a compass application. This will show you the right direction.

Check the Building and/or Floor Plan

In case you don’t have access to a smartphone or the property agent, take a look at building design and floor plans. You can find all the details related to the property and flat in the documents including direction and dimensions too.


These were the benefits of a south-facing house. If you are interested in buying one, feel free to contact the best Property Developer Uttam Nagar  Delhi – Kamal Associates. 

Here are the contact details:

Customer Care: 8448 440 765

Address: Wz -41, Kabari road, Near Pillor number 706, 

Phase 1 Om Vihar Rd, Uttam Nagar, 


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