Benefits of Exporting QuickBooks to Excel

QuickBooks to Excel

QuickBooks is the most popularly used software, working best for accounting all around the globe. It has been helping millions by making their accounting simple and sweat-free.

But we might need to share our reports elsewhere for reviews and analytic purposes. We cannot completely rely on the application every time to go and search for the reports and relative stuff. We must have a copy of it with us for quick and easy access. This is when you really need a tool to export your transactions.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks has only limited options for exports. You have to use a third-party widget to export your transactions from QuickBooks.

A handful of them is available on the web. But only some of them really work well and are compatible with QuickBooks. One such application is SaasAnt Transactions.

SaasAnt Transactions is an exquisite application that can help you to export your transactions from QuickBooks to Excel, CSV, IIF, or any other supportive format.

There are two versions, which are compatible with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop accordingly. The difference is just with the compatibility and the settings may vary according to your QuickBooks version. But the function is the same.

Types of Transactions Supported for QuickBooks export

Before we look into how to Exporting QuickBooks to Excel, let us make sure of the types of transactions you want to export should supported for export. SaasAnt transactions can export every transaction that QuickBooks supports, yet here is a quick run-through.

You can pick one from these in the filter option at the time of export.

Customer Transactions:

Invoices, credit, memo, sales receipt, refund receipt, estimate, received payments.

Vendor Transactions:

Checks, bill, bill payments, credit card credits, purchase order, expenses, vendor credits


Customer, vendor, location, product/service, employee, chart of accounts.

Other Transactions:

Time activity, Journal entry

How to Exporting QuickBooks to Excel

Now that we know what can be exported, we will see how to do Exporting QuickBooks to Excel from QuickBooks in a jiffy.

You can download your desired transactions in bulk in just minutes in four easy steps.

1: Click on the ‘Export’ button.

2: Specify your required date range.

3: Choose the entity from the list.

4: Select from the search results and download them as Excel or CSV files.

Easy, isn’t it?

Benefits of Exporting Excel from QuickBooks using SaasAnt Transactions

Time Saved

As of now, QuickBooks does not bear any customization option to export transactions and reports in-house. You will have to use a third-party tool to filter and export files or reports from QuickBooks to Excel or other file formats. With SaasAnt Transactions, you can employ a wide range of filter options, with which you can locate your transactions easily and download them in whatever file format you want. Instead of doing manual copying from QuickBooks to Excel, you can choose your transactions and reports and download them in seconds.

Reduced Manpower

Manually copying transactions or reports from QuickBooks consumes ample time and rigorous manual labour. But using SaasAnt Transactions, you can export your transactions in a minute. This saves you hours of manual labour. Also, manually copying data may have errors in the values. It takes furthermore time and labour to locate and rectify the errors. These errors might affect the accuracy and reliability of your reports. But exporting QuickBooks to Excel using an application has no chance for errors and so you will have clean and reliable records.

Quick Reference

QuickBooks simplifies your accounting. It can effectively assist you with customer invoices, bill payments, generating reports and even charting taxes. But you may need to have a local copy of these on your computer for your reference. It will help you when you need to review or have a quick reference from the reports urgently. It gives you quick access to the reports. You need not have to log in to your QuickBooks account every time to check on your expenses or customer details. With SaasAnt Transactions, you may export bulk transactions or reports with just a click.

Easy to Share

Sometimes you may need to share your transactions and reports with other people, or to an auditor, or you may need the records for other purposes. Having your records only on QuickBooks may not be a smart choice. It is always easy and handy if you have a local copy of your reports on your desktop. You can have QuickBooks to help you generate reports, but only if you have the reports solid at your hand, you can share them easily. SaasAnt Transactions has some amazing filter options available for you. Using the filters you can download your specific transactions. It makes it easy for your search to locate the transactions that you want. You can either manually select each transaction or select all transactions in bulk and download it right away.

Report Analysis

By exporting from QuickBooks to Excel, you can use them for report analysis. You can make the most out of your data, by analyzing your business data. Transform your reports into infographics or other analytic forms for better visualization of your cash flow. You can even supplement your analysis with visual analytics tools like Power BI, Tableau; tons of them are scattered on the web. You will need to export your reports from QuickBooks, to use them with other tools. Manual copying may not be a smart choice in this. With SaasAnt Transactions, you can export selective data from QuickBooks that you might need for analysis.

Customized Reports

You may not need a whole lot of reports all the time. You may have preferences, you may have to choose only the customer list, those who have purchased specific things, or above specific dollars, to send them a discount message. If you are exporting the whole customer list who have purchased between the given dates, you will further have to choose your customer one by one, manually. But SaasAnt Transactions offers you a wide range of filter options, for each column and field. This allows you to take specific data from the horde of transactions. You also have customized filter options, with which you can perform advanced customizations in the filters.

Flexible Templates

You might use a different data format from what the default setting has got. Or you may need to show the vendor or customer’s account number in your reports. You may even need multi-lined detailed reports for export. In such cases, you can customize your template in the Export Settings in SaasAnt Transactions. By doing so, you will not have to work on modifications after your export.

Not Just for Exports

So, if you haven’t tried SaasAnt Transactions yet, have a look at their products. Not only for exports, but they also have exclusive applications for bulk imports and deletes as well. If you are a QuickBooks user and you are manually importing each transaction, SaasAnt Transactions will be of great assistance to you. It will ease the way your accounting works and saves you more time, labour and headaches. To know more, visit SaaAant or reach them at 

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