Effect of COVID 19 to Construction Industry Worldwide

COVID 19 hit the economy of countries worldwide, hard. Everyone was told to stay home and not go to work. For a few months, everyone had to work from home, this was unfortunate for the construction industry. 3.1m workers are employed within the construction industry meaning it drives the economy in the UK. It is such a huge industry that keeps society running by building new structures and buildings for businesses, families houses, and stores. Without construction workers, the world would not keep up with growing populations and new businesses. Luckily, since lockdown was eased in the UK, a large majority of the issues have been resolved. Construction management systems are being planned out as you read this, in order to get things back to normal.  

The Main Problems 

One of the main issues with lockdown occurring was supply chain issues. Construction workers were not able to get the supplies they needed to continue with their projects. Many resources for the US are sought by China and the limitations to stop the spread of coronavirus meant there was a disruption. Therefore, there are many construction companies that are implementing new measures if this situation were to occur again. 

Another issue was the delays. These delays affect the relationship with the client and contractor. They have claimed for extensions of time due to this. The construction workers now have lots of work to do in short amounts of time to try and catch up. Many of the considerations as to how to deal with the situation came about from business management discussions and planning.  

Of course, a considerable problem is having to follow governmental guidelines with social distancing. Workers must remain 2 meters apart and they have reduced role rotations. If these are smaller construction sites, or many people must work together on the same project, this causes problems and many individuals, therefore, may lose their jobs. 

Of course, there were financial implications and those involved in finance and accounts had to have significant involvement in reducing losses. 


Throughout this crisis, there were many challenges and those involved in construction management and business management had to step up and make decisions on how they could continue working. Provisions were put in place and a Roadmap to recovery was created by the Construction Leadership Council. There have been plans to maximize employment and increase collaboration. 

The construction industry is so large that there will always be a demand for jobs after this crisis. Jobs in construction management will be especially sought as they have been worked beyond their capabilities. These types of positions make great impacts when situations like this occur and they have made changes for the better. In the outcomes for the roadmap to recovery, they stated the industry will be more professional, productive, and profitable. Those in management will have significant responsibilities in rebuilding the industry. Working in this sector also allows you to become a member of The Chartered Institute of Building, they have put several measures in place to continue work during this situation. The Secretary of State for Business in the UK offered a thanks to those in the industry and said they make great contributions to the nation. 

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