Fashion Jewellery Trends 2020

Jewelry and women are closely related to each other just like cake and frosting. The frosting is the final touch that makes the cake taste absolutely delicious. Likewise, jewellery is for women. The final touch to make them look drop-dead gorgeous. From traditional to fashion to personalized, the trends are ever-changing. The year 2020 witnessed some unique and stellar jewellery trends that every woman should know. So, here is your inspiration to style yourself

Layered Necklaces:

Layering has been the major trend of this year. Even the designers were seen curating layered necklaces that look dainty and delicate. Wear your pearls, gold chains, and pendant necklaces altogether. Attached strings of the chain in different patterns making one layered piece is also available with all the fashion stores. Pearls have been an essential ingredient in layered jewellery. The best part about this is you can team it up with any attire. Western, casual, and formals. 

Stacked Bracelets:

Another concept of layering is stacking. Bracelet stacking is the recent trend-making every girl its fan. Mix and match your metals like silver, gold, and rose gold and wear it all on one hand. Another stylish way to stack bracelets is with a watch. Wear bracelets with a watch. You can stack either one bracelet or two, depending upon your choice. 

Chunky Pieces:

Oversize and chunky pieces, whether earrings or chains. Big Hoops, braided chains, colorful gemstone jewellery, big Evil eye and Hamsa earrings, handcrafted earrings, or any funky pieces are quite a in trend. These are normally worn with casuals and western dresses. 

Flower Jewellery:

Flower Jewellery for the wedding season is the latest trend. Every bride is in love with floral pieces of jewellery. Another flower jewellery trend that will sweep any woman off her feet is fossilized and birth flower jewellery. Fossilized jewellery is made with a bunch of flowers encased in a transparent casing. The birth flower is made with a month birth flower. Earrings, rings, and pendants are available in these types. 

Choker Necklace:

Choker necklaces are feminine and vintage. In contrast to the traditional ones, these are neck hugging necklaces. Pearl and semi-precious choker necklaces have a spectacular appeal. These go well with traditional attires like sarees and suits. For a fusion look, choker necklaces can be paired with semi-formal and western dresses as well. 


2020 was all about rings. Mid rings are quite popular. These are worn in layers as well. Then, statement rings and funky rings are also in fashion and loved by all. Layering and stacking in rings is also something every fashionista and blogger is seen flaunting. Silver, gold, platinum, and rose gold are the colors in rings to go for. 

Charm Bracelets:

Bracelets have always been one jewellery item that is dearly loved by all the women out there. Bracelets tend to complete the overall look. Charm bracelets have been ruling the year 2020. Other than the charm bracelets, dainty diamond bracelets or bracelets with multiple strings are quite fashionable.

To all the women out there, outshine by complimenting your looks with these jewellery trends. 

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