Handy Shares Playroom Decor Tips You’ll Love


The coolest and fun part of your home is the playroom. Brightly colored, with cute furniture and toys – this is the place where your kids relax the most! In fact, even you can relax because of this place as your kids are occupied in their own world. As this is so important for a fun-loving family, you do not want anything to go wrong with it. So, Handy is here to help you with some playroom decor style tips. 

Tips & Tricks

1. Convert a wall into a chalkboard

Irrespective of their age, children love scribbling, drawing, and doodling in their free time. As you may run out of writing material or space on the chalkboard, the best option is to turn an entire wall into a chalkboard. The market is flooded with chalkboard paint of various colors. Choose paint of your own choice and transform your wall into an actual erasable chalkboard. Apart from saving money, this idea allows your children to utilize their creativity in a different way.

2. Storage boxes

The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about a playroom is how to store the numerous toys and other small items that your kid uses when playing. You can buy cute storage boxes from any children’s stores like Ikea and utilize the space to the fullest. If you do not want to spend that amount and still want your playroom to look super cool, go for a DIY project. You can cover sturdy shipping boxes with a paper of your choice. To make it look fancier, you can even cover it with colorful fabrics. Ask your child to decorate and label it to give it more of a personal touch.

3. Go for funky seating

As you don’t want any accidents to happen when kids are in the playroom, go for floor seating, and refrain from using chairs to avoid any fall. You can buy a beanbag or floor pillows and poof. Check out for video tutorials explaining how to make jazzy floor seating using discarded big tires of vehicles. To cover the seating area, use the fabric from the clothes that your child has outgrown. This gives a feeling of extra warmth and love in the room. 

4. Decorate the walls

For the final touch, you need to decorate the walls in a way that makes it very inviting. There are two options. Firstly, you can decorate with the cutouts and posters of the characters that your kids love. Secondly, you can add some personal touches to make it worth remembering. Frame the kids’ abstract work since childhood, giving a one-line description to it. You can dedicate one entire side of the wall to it. You can use the other wall to display any certificate or recognition your child has received. You can also make a cute collage of pictures of your child since birth and decorate one of the walls. Your child is surely going to feel proud when they enter the room. 


Add some shelves with safety measures where your child can put away their books and other things. Handy feels that a playroom is a place where a child’s creativity unleashes and thus should be planned in a fun and cool manner.

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