Medical precautions to take if old parents live alone

Medical precautions

Age is the foremost factor for a wide range of diseases. As your parents grow old you will find a drastic change in your physical and mental vitality. This is when they need to maintain a good standard of living and you must keep track of their emotional well-being. 

If your parents can take care of their daily personal necessities like –

  1. Eating alone
  2. Performing physical activities
  3. Dressing up on their own
  4. Taking bath daily.
  5. Maintaining personal and toilet hygiene.

Then you can get in a little peace of mind. Why little? There may not be signs of some diseases or health issues. Therefore, for entire peace of mind buy health checkup packages annually and follow a routine checkup. This will help you to detect any problems at an initial stage or at a stage where it needs serious care.

Things that you should do while keeping your old parents alone.

While keeping your old parents at home, you must look into the following details –

  1. The physical and emotional well-being of the parents by tracking the daily living activities performed.
  2. Look into the living arrangements.
  3. Manage their finances.
  4. Look into all the safety measures.
  5. Prepare for emergencies.
  6. Manage their daily necessities with a planned activity.
  7. Find a great companion who can replace your absence.
  8. Arrange classes to keep them stay active.

Medical precautions to be taken:

  1. Follow a routine checkup. This may sound a costly process, but no, nothing can be more costly than a healthy body. Well, with annual health checkup packages, this becomes cheap. Moreover, some healthcare providers also offer 2-3 free checkups. They collect blood samples from home, at a time convenient to you and after identification will send the reports immediately to an email address or other digital sources.
  2. Keep in touch with a home consultant. They can come to your home in your absence and check if your parents are healthy or not. At times, if they experience some sort of uneasiness, then at one call these doctors reach home.
  3. Make a separate box of medicines. Your father and mother may have separate health issues and so are the medicines. Keeping them together may be risky in case they are mistaken. Wrong medicines are harmful to the body, especially with old age people.
  4. Contact a physiotherapist. With age, one of the most common problems is related to the musculoskeletal system, i.e., the Bones, Tissues, Muscles, and Joints. There is a wide range of Orthopaedic problems. A physiotherapist is a person who can perform some messages and exercises to heal pains naturally. Nowadays find the best physiotherapist in Kolkata or some other states is easy with internet services.
  5. Purchase medical home kits. There are several electronic devices available in the market that provide instant feedback regarding blood pressure, body weight, diabetes, heart rate, and many more such parameters. It is really helpful to keep these things in hand.
  6. Arrange an all-time caretaker. With aging, people love company, want to get pampered and therefore an all-time caretaker is the best option. Moreover, you can stay in peace that your parents are no more alone. 
  7. Remember to order medicines online. They will deliver the medicines on time to your parents. Now your old father or mother doesn’t need to go out to purchase medicine when they are completed.

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