Must Watch Movies Before You Visit Ireland


Ireland is a beautiful country, with lush green scenery, rich culture, and heritage. A popular tourist destination, it is a must-visit when in Europe. If you too are spellbound by the country and plan on visiting, make sure you watch some of these movies. They’ll teach you about their culture and history and the captivating visuals you get to see will make the real deal all the more enchanting. So, without further ado let’s explore Ireland through the cinematic lens.

Once (2007)

This musical romance, set in the busy streets of Dublin, follows the friendship of an Irish busker and a Czech flower-seller who is a musician. Through this relationship, the story comments on Ireland’s relationship with its eastern neighbor and Eastern Europe in general. As you follow the pair, you get to see the city of Dublin and its beauty. And, given that Once won the Oscar for Best Song, you’re in for a treat for the ears.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Set during the Irish Civil War and the Irish War of Independence, this drama covers some serious topics. By telling the story of two brothers, Teddy and Damian O’Donovan who joined the Irish Republic Army, it gives an insightful view of the war for independence from the United Kingdom. The dose of deep Irish history will help you connect to the country when you visit and with the emotional performances of Cillian Murphy, you’ll soon have tears streaming down your eyes.

The Quiet Man

Sean Thornton, an American boxer, returns to Ireland to buy his family home and spend his years in peace there. After killing an opponent in the ring by mistake, all he wants is a simple unbothered life. There he falls in love with Mary Kate and marries her and all seems to be good. But, her brother, who has long coveted Thronton family property refuses to hand over her dowry out of spite. Till Sean retrieves the money, Mary Kate refuses to consummate the marriage. 

Agnes Brown

After her husband dies unexpectedly, Agnes Brown must fend for her seven children all by herself in 1967 Dublin. She lives a bleak reality, selling produce at the market each day and still has trouble making ends meet. She borrows heavily from Mr. Bill, a greedy moneylender, a burden she could do without if she weren’t so desperate. However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and being invited to a Tom Jones concert by a smitten Frenchman might just be hers.

Leap Year

According to Irish tradition, if a man receives a marriage proposal on a leap day he must accept it. With that in mind, Anna Brady is determined to travel to Dublin and propose to her boyfriend there. Taking you on a scenic trip of Ireland from Dublin to Aran Islands, Temple Bar, Connemara, Wicklow National Park, and more this movie is definitely worth a watch. 

PS I Love You

When she loses the love of her life to illness, Holly Kennedy is distraught. But her husband even in death wants her to be happy and so, before he passes away he writes a series of letters for her to ease her pain and help her cope. On her 30th birthday, she receives the first of many. It brings her hope, strength, and inspiration, helping lift the dark clouds that surround her. Shot in captivating locations like Lacken, The Sally Gap, Blessington Lakes, and the Wicklow Mountains it’s Ireland at its best. 

The Magdalene Sisters

For this one, make sure you have the time to get over the hangover that it will definitely cause. A group of young girls is sent to work at the Magdalene asylums where ‘fallen women’ are housed. Women deemed to promiscuous, those who had gotten pregnant or gave their children up for adoption are kept here where they must redeem themselves in the eyes of abusive nuns and priests if they are to be set free. This movie gives an insightful look into the lives of women in 1960s Ireland and is a real eye-opener to the plight of women at the time. You’ll thank the stars you weren’t born then.

Final Words

These movies offer a view of Ireland that you don’t often get, especially when you’re visiting the country like a tourist. It makes sense then to watch them before you head out. It gives you a whole new perspective on the territory that you’re exploring and all you need for this is a good cable connection. Wow channel lineup offers great movie channels that you can take advantage of in binge season. You’ll be able to find all the movies you want with ease. So, go, get grab your popcorn, and hit play!

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