Recent Regulations Related to Slots in the UK

Recent Regulations Related to Slots in the UK

You’re probably aware that in order for a casino company to start up their business, they’re going to have to ensure that they stick to a whole bunch of regulations. This applies to all casino games, and that includes mobile casinos UK slots. They existed in the past, and they will continue to exist in the future – lets take a look at some recent regulations related to slots in the UK.

What are the recently added slots regulations?

When it comes to slot machines, regulations are applied to ensure that the user is having a fair and balanced slots experience. For us slots fans, they’re only a good thing as it makes our gaming sessions fun, fair and reliable. Luckily for us, a whole new bunch of regulations have been applied to the slots industry. The key changes are as followed

–          Any features that create the illusion that the player has control over the outcome have been banned.

–          Slot spin speeds must be no faster than 2.5 seconds in length

–          Autoplay features that can lead players to lose track of their bets are banned

–          Suggestions that the user has won when the betting return is in fact a loss are strictly prohibited.

We’d imagine that you would agree with us that these all sound pretty fair – in the past, some slots companies have designed their games to create the illusion that they are more fair than they are. With regulations like this, thankfully that is a thing of the past.

So when do these regulations come into place?

The Gambling Commission first released these regulations in July 2020, and therefore plenty of slot machine companies have already optimised their games to ensure they meet the regulations. However, it’s not quite as simple as this. Many smaller developers will require a lot of time and effort to edit their games to ensure they meet the requirements, and therefore companies have been given up until October 2021 to fully prepare for the change. Don’t forget to check back in on some of your favourite slots games in October – they may just be fairer, cleaner and generally better. There are some additional changes that will be found around this time, including:

–          At all times it must be clear to the player the total amount of times they have won or lost

–          Slot games must have a timer displaying total playing time

–          A permanent ban on reverse withdrawals, preventing players for re-gambling money they had originally intended to withdraw

Another great set of regulations – 2021 truly is going to be a great year for slots! Love it.

A fairer, more balanced slots experience

Overall, the new regulations announced by the Gambling Commission in July 2020 will have a huge impact on the slot machine industry, but from the perspective of a slots fan – this is going to be a great thing. The regulations will be fully in place in 2021, and overall aim to ensure we can play slots safely, smartly and manage our expectations. Good on you Gambling Commission – you’re doing great work!

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