Surrogate Mother in Countries of Europe:

Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy is a medical procedure in which a woman agrees to bear a child for another person. The woman who bears the child is called a surrogate mother. In traditional surrogacy, a surrogate mother is the child’s genetic mother because her egg, fertilized with material from a future father or a donor, is used for pregnancy.

Whereas in gestational surrogacy,  the egg of a future mother or donor is fertilized by IVF and transferred to a surrogate mother’s uterus for delivery. In this case, there is no genetic relationship between the surrogate mother and the child.

Why do women want to be surrogate mothers?

The intensive work schedule of the businesswoman, actresses, does not allow them to bear pregnancy. So, they can have a child with the help of surrogacy. Surrogacy is helpful to a woman who does not want to ruin her figure with pregnancy and childbirth. There are also some social and psychological conditions or deviations of a woman that make procreation impossible. The loss of the uterus and other reproductive organs make pregnancy impossible. So women can take advantage of surrogacy.

Risks of surrogacy

Surrogacy is not allowed in the whole world. It is allowed in some countries with different laws and regulations. While adopting surrogacy, it always chooses a country that has lower risk limitations. In a country where laws about surrogacy are not healthy, you can face a scam. If a man marries the surrogate mother to have a baby and divorce her after delivery of the baby, she may not agree to divorce and blackmail all life. So choose a country with strong laws.  A surrogate mother in Germany as leihmutter in Deutschland is available with strong laws and regulations.

Countries which conduct right Commercial Surrogacy

Some jurisdictions allow the use of surrogacy services. Still, on an altruistic basis – these are the Australian state of Victoria, Portugal, Canada, the United Kingdom, the US states of New Hampshire, Virginia. This is successfully used by people who want to have a baby. Surrogacy service is also allowed in Kenya, but the African phenotype’s peculiarity, the level of medical services, and the particular location make this state not very popular for tourism for surrogacy.

The surrogate mother Czech republic as leihmutter tschechienhas some restrictions. A surrogate mother can leave the child with her until she signs the waiver. And after the surrogate mother resigns, future parents are supposed to go through the bureaucratic process of adopting their child.

Surrogacy in the Netherlands

Surrogacy is allowed in the Netherlands with a Guaranteed birth of a child. You can legally obtain a Netherlands birth certificate with the names of biological parents.

The examination of male partners before IVF, Andrological examination, sperm tests: FISH, DNA fragmentation, HBA test, and Cryopreservation of semen + storage until the child is born are included in a single package. You can read more about surrogate mother Netherlands as leihmutter niederlande by visiting the website.

Costs of Surrogate Mother

The costs of surrogate mothers vary according to the package that you choose. The fees also range if you want to avail of your desired services. Some countries, like Ukraine, have affordable prices for surrogacy. In the 2000s, Ukraine began the growth and improvement of commercial ART. As a result, the number of private reproduction centers has increased. All of this, combined with the low cost of surrogacy, naturally attracted foreign nationals. The cost of a surrogate mother abroad was much higher than in Ukraine. So, a surrogate mother Ukraine as leihmutter ukraineis affordable for most couples.

The surrogate mother should have

There are a few things which every surrogate mother should have. A list of all these necessary things given below:

  • own children
  • be honest
  • good woman health
  • stable psyche

every Clinic required to take tests for surrogate mothers, and find if there exist all these qualities. She must: to take housing, to free a surrogate mother from job, to help with baby seats and transfers etc.


Surrogacy is allowed in many countries with different regulations. It is also conducted in Germany and the Netherlands. The Netherlands has suitable packages for varying costs for surrogacy.

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