Surrogate Motherhood in the USA

Surrogate Motherhood

Surrogate Motherhood in the USA

Surrogacy is a medical process in which a woman, also called a surrogate mother. She agrees to bear a child for another person who will become the child’s parents after birth.  If a mother is unable to conceive a baby the then mostly spouse forces to use assisted reproductive technologies including pre-implantation diagnostics, surrogacy, and human genomics. In this case, another woman carries a child and gives birth to a couple.

Surrogacy in the USA:

Reproductive medicine is really of a very high standard in the United States. And every child born in the United States also has the right to citizenship. However, there are too many restrictions. The first IVF treatment is not always successful: You pay in a round sum, but you will only be given a few IVF attempts. If these do not lead to pregnancy – you will be forced to pay again. And if a cesarean section is necessary during delivery, the already high costs can double. The cost of surrogate mother US is proving to be priceless. You can take more information about surrogacy in the USA by visiting the website:

The Recommended Packages for Surrogacy in the USA:

  • The different packages of surrogacy that are available in the USA are as follows:
  • Comfort Guarantee Delivery in the USA:
  • This package ensures an Unlimited number of IVF attempts, including PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis). Limited risk coverage.
  • This package costs about USD 89,000
  • This package ensures the availability of a USA passport for the child.
  • It ensures Unlimited IVF attempts.
  • This package ensures guaranteed onset of pregnancy.
  • It has legal support from the country.

The price of Surrogate Mother in the USA:

As for the price of a leihmutter USA, it starts from $ 40 thousand. In addition to the fee (which is also payable in the event of an abortion), the future parents must pay the surrogate mother’s expenses for special clothing, medical examinations, transportation, and other expenses. That is, a few thousand dollars should be added to the amount of the fee in advance.

parents in the USA at Ukrainian Prices

You have a limited budget in some conditions and want to be a happy parent, don’t need to worry. At least it is worth knowing about the alternatives, so you should pay due attention to the guaranteed program of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group “Childbirth in the USA.” This program’s primary advantage is the certified birth of a healthy child, and the price is fixed.

The baby’s future parents pay an amount slightly exceeding the fee of a surrogate mother in the United States, and they no longer worry about anything while waiting for their baby to be born.

By buying this package, the medical part of the program is carried out in a clinic in Ukraine, and on the eve of childbirth, the surrogate mother flies to the USA to the clinic of our partners.

If IVF does not lead to pregnancy or the pregnancy is terminated, the program owners, “Childbirth in the USA,” will carry out the entire repeated cycle at our own expense until the guaranteed result is provided. There are no additional payments to the surrogate mother, no expenses for living in the United States while awaiting a child’s birth or hiring lawyers. The entire range of medical, guest and legal services is included in the program’s cost.

The Feskov Human Reproduction Group guarantees a healthy child’s birth using the PGD and NGS methods and selecting embryos without chromosomal abnormalities. The parents-to-be will be waiting for their child in a comfortable hotel with three meals a day, and lawyers specializing in reproductive law will quickly draw up all the required papers to travel with the child to some other country. Surrogacy is allowed by law in the USA. There are so many advantages of surrogacy in the USA.

But the price is very high. So for those unable to afford the cost of surrogacy, the Feskov Human Reproduction Group has introduced an affordable package with a large number of services named “Childbirth in the USA.”

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