Top Features That Every Fantasy Cricket App Should Have


Cricket has always been a very exciting game for the viewers. Every time a wicket falls or your favorite team hits a six, you are filled with joy. But today, the emergence of fantasy cricket apps has taken the excitement of cricket to the next level.

These apps have become a major part of the lives of cricket lovers. It allows them to watch and earn money from online cricket. Nowadays, whenever there’s a match, cricket fans start collecting match information so that they can participate in it.

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Features of A Fantasy Cricket App

Daily fantasy cricket is played via fantasy cricket apps. When selecting a fantasy app, you should check the features it offers. We have listed the top features that every fantasy cricket app should have. You may find this information useful if you are playing it for the first time.

1. Player prediction

Cricket coaches tend to rotate players based on workload. Having this feature keeps you updated about the changes that are made regarding the players. As a fantasy player, you need to have knowledge about it, or else you may end up losing vital points.

2. Leader board

When you join a fantasy app game, you get reward points. You also get points when participating in cash contests. All the points that you earn get collected in your account. The more points you have, the higher you will rank on the leader board. It gives you information about fantasy players and the points they have collected.

3. Cricket quizzes

Many of the fantasy apps come with exciting cricket quizzes. This adds more fun to the game. By answering these quizzes, you can improve your cricket knowledge. Not just that, but you also earn coins for every question that you answer correctly. These coins will prove to be beneficial when you participate in a contest in the future.

4. Winners prediction

Some of the apps come with an in-app prediction quiz. If you can predict the right events, you will be rewarded with points. Along with that, you will also receive expert cricket opinions that will help you win tournaments. To make the most of your fantasy cricket app, you should choose the one that has this feature.

5. Team and Player information

This is yet another important feature that every fantasy cricket app should provide. A fantasy app should have a player profile that will provide you all the important information related to the player. By exploring player profiles, you can select the right players for your team. The profile should contain information such as selection ratio, last match performance, batting average, current form, and others.

Selecting the right fantasy cricket app can make a lot of difference. Make sure you look for all these features when choosing a fantasy cricket app. If you are a new player, you should pay extra attention to your selection.

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