Transform yourself – 5 designer glasses brands that help you shine

Designer glasses brands have made our lives more lavish and enhanced our personalities to the core. With just a spectacle they have the capability to transform our looks. And who doesn’t want to do that? We all want to set ourselves apart and there’s no better approach than to don a stylish pair made by a top designer glasses brand. That’s the reason why we are presenting them for you to check out today.

5 top-notch designer glasses brands that are born to flatter!

Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo is known for its bold shaping and the ritzy detailing it flaunts as a designer glasses brand. Its designs are specially handcrafted to find the right blend of passion and style. Some say it only focuses is on being iconic and presenting an unbeatable style statement, which is the truth. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t care about how things work at a comfort level. The high-grade acetate and metal used by Ferragamo make sure it stands truly best on both ends, that is, fashion and comfort. What’s more, they have an embellishing assortment for you to choose a frame for each of your games.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a designer glasses brand that speaks of perfection and taste with every spectacle it offers the world. No wonder it is also known as the ‘No ordinary Designer label’. The band loves playing with styles that are bold. It enjoys portraying sophistication. With its attention to detail and love for the fusions made of modern and retro features, the brand shouts out loud only of urbanity and pzazz. To define Ted Baker glasses in a few words, they bring forth the elements of lightweight design, sophistication, vintage sparks, noble colors, and comfort.

Calvin Klein 

It is the clean design, the subtle details, the minimalist approach, and the attitude of practical elegance that Calvin Klein brings with each of its spectacles. This is what makes it the designer glasses brand it is today. The collection this brand brings to us includes mesmerizing cat-eyes and browlines that balance the nuances of bold and simplicity. Its bridgeless wonders are also hunky-dory enough for you to check out. The best part is, it doesn’t leave out on any of the different vibes that vary from person to person. Whether you want a playful vibe or nuances of chic or even elements expressing seriousness, you will find what suits you best in our collection of Calvin Klein glasses.


A designer glasses brand like Hackett speaks of quality and charm very near to bespoke. They love expressing class and grace with their glasses, which is the core desire of the people of this era. They aim at being timeless yet new enough for you to enjoy the innovative charm. Their made-to-measure styles make sure simplicity, elegance, and their bold play of materials always works out as Hackett glasses bring to your personality some polished looks along with an avant-garde style.

Marc Fabien

Known for its young and feminine designs, Marc Fabien has been making its place in people’s hearts deep now. Whether it be a half-rim with its browline that wings up and down to make the central bridge or the cat-eye in scintillating colors that brings vintage vibes and refined grace to the table; Marc Fabien not only makes its glasses to captivate but to inspire. No wonder, it is the showstopper today in our list of designer glasses brands you ought to check out. 

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