What are the best ways to immigrate to Canada in 2020?


Canada has announced that it will admit more than 1 million immigrants in the next three years. Canada has over 80 immigration programs that you can choose from. Choosing the right one can often be very confusing. If you are looking to immigrate to Canada, then read on as we let you know the best ways to do so.

Here are the best ways to immigrate to Canada in 2020:

1.Express Entry Program

The Express Entry Program is not a visa but an application management system. It manages the application pool for the three major economic migration programs of Canada-FSWP, FSTP and CEC. It is the most popular program among skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. The Express Entry Program uses the Comprehensive Ranking System to score candidates. Eligible candidates are ranked according to their scores based on age, education, work experience, and language abilities. The program selects the candidates with the highest CRS scores to apply for the Canada PR Visa process. The Express Entry program also allows shortlisted foreign workers to bring their immediate families with them to Canada.

The latest Express Entry draw was conducted on 8th July 2020. 3900 candidates were invited to apply for a Canada PR Visa with a CRS score of 478 or above. Do you know what your CRS score is? If not, use a CRS calculator to find out.

The Express Entry Program has the fastest processing times of all the immigration programs in Canada. 80% of all the applications under the Express Entry Program are processed in 6 months or less.

2.Provincial Nominee Programs

Every province and territory in Canada have its own provincial nominee program. The programs are created keeping in mind the unique labour market needs of that particular province or territory. These provinces respond to their unique economic needs by letting suitable immigrants apply for a Permanent Residence. Often, these PNPs target candidates who have work experience in an in-demand occupation in the province. For example, the recent PNP draw of Saskatchewan focussed on inviting for Computer Programmers as that is an in-demand occupation in the province. Ontario has a growing technology market. Hence, Ontario has been conducting Tech Draws targeting candidates in six eligible tech occupations. The shortlisted candidates in the Tech Draws are better suited to find a job in the tech market of Ontario.

Candidates who manage to obtain a provincial nomination increase their CRS score by 600 points. These extra points virtually guarantee that these candidates will receive an Invitation to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residence in the next invitation round of the Express Entry Program.

Canada has nearly 80 provincial nominee programs, each with its own unique eligibility requirements. If you meet the eligibility criteria of even one, it could be your ticket to Canada.

Here are the steps to apply for a provincial nomination:

  • Submit an expression of interest to the province or territory that you wish to settle in
  • Get nominated by the province or territory to apply for a provincial nomination. You may get nominated by a province provided you meet their eligibility requirements.
  • Submit a completed application for provincial nomination along with a settlement plan

3.Become an international student in Canada

Canada is one of the most favourite destinations among international students all over the world. In fact, one-third of all the international student population in Canada is from India. The main reasons for most students choosing Canada to study abroad are the availability of great colleges and universities in the country. Plus, affordable tuition and friendly immigration policies are other factors that attract foreign students to the country. It is very easy for international students to transition to Permanent Residents in Canada than in any other country. Canadian education and work experience account for additional points under the Express Entry Program which gives international students a much better chance for getting shortlisted for an ITA. Hence, many foreign students choose to initiate their immigration journey by becoming an international student in Canada, instead of applying for PR later on.

4.The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was first introduced in 2017. The aim of the pilot was to help bring in more immigrants to the Atlantic region of Canada. The Atlantic region comprises of four provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Employers in these 4 provinces can hire international workers through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. If a foreign worker receives an offer of employment from an employer participating in the program, they can apply for the Canada PR Visa process through the AIPP. However, only designated employers in these four provinces can sponsor an employee for Permanent Residence. The employer not only needs to support their immigration process but also their settlement process in Canada.

5.Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec in Canada is a very popular choice among immigrants from all over the world. Quebec has its own immigration program called the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. It is different from other provincial nomination programs in that the QSWP is an autonomous program. The province of Quebec has complete control over the immigration numbers as well as the eligibility requirements of the program.

To apply for a Canada PR through the QSWP, applicants must first apply for a CSQ. You do not need a job offer from Quebec to apply under the QSWP.

The QSWP also follows a points-based system like the Express Entry Program.

6.Applying for the QSWP follows a two-step process:

  • Submit your completed CSQ application form along with all the necessary supporting documents. The immigration authorities in Quebec will then verify the documents that you have submitted.
  • If your verification is positive, the Quebec immigration authorities will give you a CSQ. The CSQ makes you eligible to migrate to and stay in Quebec for three months. You can apply for the Canada PR Visa process directly to the IRCC upon obtaining the CSQ.

All the above programs are some of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada. However, the term “easy” can be subjective as it all boils down to whether you meet the eligibility requirements of a particular program.

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