What’s Next for Online Gambling in 2020

Online Gambling

Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, artificial intelligence or AI has been at the forefront of many top tech companies. Search giant Google and its mother company Alphabet introduced AI to its Android operating system and has been fine-tuning it every generation. While still in its infancy in the online gambling world, Online Casinos will further demonstrate its ability to adapt by implementing streamlined automation. Just as advertising companies use Big Data to track our interests and align those interests to purchases, Online Casinos will develop ways to make sure users get the best-individualized offers. 

As of writing, online gambling sites use rudimentary tools to keep track of players whose accounts have been dormant for quite some time, and then making them offers and bonuses based on the user’s activities in the past. We will see these tracking tools developed to an even higher level in 2020. “토토사이트

Not only will AI be used to analyze user behavior and offer bonuses, but it will also continually provide feedback on said behavior to improve the user interface. Pav Pan of the online magazine Medium proposed that AI will sift through big data faster than any person and will give feedback on behavior in real-time. For instance, it can identify top games and have these games on top of landing pages. 

Lastly, AI can provide better customer service by having customer data readily available at a moment’s notice.

Sports Betting Here to Stay

Sports betting was recently deemed legal by the United States Supreme Court in 2018. There was an estimated US$150 billion revenue on illegal circulation back then, and the landmark overturning of a 1992 law that banned sports betting will see the illegal revenue back in the hands of legal channels. This means that more and more legal operations of online gambling will embrace and develop new ways to entice users. More countries will no doubt follow suit the United States’ decision. For customers, this means more options on where to invest their time and money.

It’s hard to predict trends in the market without intensive studies on user behavior. But with big data, cloud computing, and AI coming into play, players can expect an aggressive attempt by the online gambling industry to attract their attention. This is done by using cutting edge technologies and offering new ways to play old games. Security and privacy will be the most important development in online gambling. Transactions are in many ways transparent but more secure. 

The expansion of online gambling from traditional games such as card games, bingo, and lottery to sports betting will give customers more options. The competitive landscape, however, will not last very long. Mordor Intelligence, in the same study cited above, predicts that market leaders will focus on mergers and acquisitions to “increase their market share and to improve margins.” 

For customers, this means that niche games and websites will be integrated into a larger and more streamlined ecosystem of online gambling.

Virtual Reality: boon or bane?

Online gambling will most likely follow the trends of gaming itself. Virtual Reality has been getting hyped as the next big thing in gaming platforms such as the PC and the Playstation 4, but how will it translate to online gambling?

Unlike regular online gambling where users play games on their monitors, virtual reality will replicate casino gambling in a virtual world. Using VR goggles, users can step into a simulation of a casino and play games and machines the way they would in real life. 

But as fads come and go, what will the future hold for Virtual Reality in online gambling? The future is uncertain for now but analyzing trends as it is, there is a market that is up for grabs for whoever develops the best virtual reality online casino. 

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